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Friday 20th May, 


UK, 2021, 94 minutes, 12A Certificate

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Starring Jude Hill, Jamie Dornan, Caitriona Balfe, Judi Dench, Ciaran Hinds, Colin Morgan

Branagh lovingly and sensitively explores his own childhood experience in this autobiographical drama about a Belfast family caught up in what would become a long and bloody civil war.

It is August 1969. 9 year old Buddy enjoys life, scampering about the streets of his beloved home city, getting into scrapes, in and out of his neighbours’ houses and back yards. Things are tough; there is not enough work, which means that Buddy’s father spends weeks at a time working in England. There’s never enough to make ends meet, and Buddy’s mother is frequently fractious and preoccupied. But there is also plenty to laugh about, his family loving and attentive, his grandparents on hand to dispense wisdom and the odd coin for a treat from the corner shop. This is a close and supportive community where Catholics and Protestants happily coexist as they have always done. But times are changing. Sectarian tensions are on a knife edge and gangs of men are staging acts of vandalism and destruction. Men like Buddy’s father are increasingly being pressured to choose sides and engage in organised violence against their Catholic neighbours. And his parents are increasingly having heated arguments about their future and whether in fact they should cut their losses and head across the Irish sea – or even the globe – in search of a more hopeful future.

Branagh’s visions is an unashamedly sentimental take on a brutal and charged subject, but it is told from the perspective of a child who does not understand what the grown ups are so worried about, why it might be difficult to have a Catholic girlfriend, and why on earth they might ever want to leave the place they love and call home. Richly enjoyable with an exceptional cast, it will put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye.   View the trailer here.



Friday 27th May, 8.00pm, Parallel Mothers

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