Autumn 2019 Season

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These are the films chosen for this coming season, until November -more to follow. We have confirmation of Sometimes, Always, Never and so tickets are on sale.

We have confirmation of All Is True which is being shown as part of the Thame Arts & Literature Festival (TAL) and all tickets are sold by TAL

We will list the others on Ticket Source as soon as we have licence confirmation.

  • Sat 28 Sep, 8.00 pm: Sometimes Always Never, cert 12A
  • Sat 5 Oct, 8.00 pm: Woman At War, cert 12
  • Sat 12 Oct, 8.00 pm: Out Of Blue, cert 15
  • Sat 19 Oct, 8.00 pm: All Is True, cert 12A  Tickets from Thame Arts & Literature Festival
  • Sat 26 Oct, 8.00 pm: Rafiki, cert 12A

Sometimes. Always. Never.

Saturday September 28, 8pm

UK 2018, 91 minutes, 12A certificate
Directed by Carl Hunter, Starring Bill Nighy, Sam Riley, Alice Lowe, Jenny Agutter, Tim McInnerney, Louis Healey, Alexi Sayle

We kick off this new season of films with an overlooked bittersweet and whimsical British gem.

Bill Nighy brings his characteristic deadpan wit to his portrayal of Alan, a retired Merseyside gentleman’s tailor who has never recovered from the disappearance of his beloved son Michael many years earlier.

Michael stormed out following an argument over a game of Scrabble – a passion that is shared by the family, who pride themselves on a rare mastery of obscure words. Alan’s other son, Peter, is now an adult with a son of his own. He has had to live in the shadow of his missing and unimpeachable sibling, living with the repeated stinging reminders of his status as the second favourite, while attempting to cope with his increasingly eccentric father and the endless search for the missing brother. Meanwhile Alan, becomes convinced that Michael is trying to reach him when he sees a rare word being used in an online Scrabble forum – a word that he imagines few outside his own family could know.

Scripted by Frank Cottrell Boyce, this is a sensitive, poignant and very English film about fathers and sons, about ordinary families enduring loss and sadness, and with an exceptional cast of top drawer British acting talent. One to leave you smiling but with a tear in your eye.