Summer 2016

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Thursday May 26 at 11.00 am Room

USA 2015,118 minutes, 15 Certificate
Directed by Lenny Abrahmson, starring Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers

Adapted by screenwriter Emma Donoghue from her own novel

roomBrie Larson won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for her outstanding performance as a young mother in this adaptation of Emma Donohue’s 2010 novel of the same name.

Inspired by recent real-life stories of young women kept in prolonged captivity, Donohue crafts the story of a mother and her son, Jack. They live in a cramped and squalid makeshift bedsit in the house of their captor – ‘the man’ – who comes with supplies and to rape the woman each evening while her son sleeps. Jack knows no other world – to him, this tiny space is everything, a safe and intriguing universe with just a glimpse of the mysterious outside through an opening in the ceiling. He is content, loved, and oblivious to the appalling realities of their situation. His mother contrives to keep the truth of their predicament from him, encouraging his innocence and his magical storytelling through which he makes sense of and explains what is happening to them. But as his fifth birthday approaches, she can cope no longer, and hatches an elaborate plan to escape. Will they make it, and how will Jack cope with the outside world?

Abrahmson’s highly acclaimed and gripping drama is about an horrific predicament, but it is also about resilience, invention, bravery and tenderness, with exceptional performances from Larson and Tremblay.

“Brie Larson is nothing short of perfect in this heartbreaking, life-affirming drama …” Mark Kermode

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Saturday May 28 at 8.00 pm  Rams

Iceland 2015,91 minutes, 15 Certificate
Directed by Grímur Hákonarson, starring Sigurður Sigurjónsson, Theodór Júlíusson, Charlotte Bøving, Jon Benonysson, Gunnar Jónsson, Þorleifur Einarsson

ramsTwo brothers, Gummi and Kiddi, both sheep farmers in remotest Iceland, have been feuding with each other for decades. They live in remote rural seclusion almost side by side but have long been estranged, tending their flocks with scarcely a word exchanged. The sheep are a prize-winning and ancient pedigree, and have been farmed by the family for generations. The situation reaches a head when the flock is infected with scrapie, a highly contagious illness that demands that the stock be destroyed and the land abandoned. The brothers are forced to unite to overcome the efforts of officialdom, who arrive to oversee the unthinkable cull.

A film  about men, their animals and the land, Rams is ruminative, melancholic, darkly comic – occasionally hilarious – and breathtakingly beautiful, and has captivated audiences worldwide, winning the prestigious Un Certain Regard at Cannes in 2015. Not to be missed. 

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Saturday June 4th at 8.00 pm  Spotlight

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