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Saturday October 29th at 8pm

Argentina, 2016, 106 minutes, 15 certificate

Directed by Pablo Trapero, starring Guillermo Francella, Peter Lanzani, Lili Popovich, Gastón Cocchiarale, Giselle Motta, Franco Masini

Trapero’s compelling thriller is set in 1980s Buenos Aires, and is based on the true story of the Puccio family.

clanThe ‘disappearances’ of the Videla regime officially ended with the fall of the dictator in 1981, but the practice continued with a change of emphasis: political kidnappings were replaced by those demanding hefty ransoms from wealthy families, often with the tacit protection of the police. Arquimedes Puccio was just such a kidnapper, but these activities were hidden behind a more acceptable public façade: ostensibly he and his family were respectable shopkeepers, but in reality they kidnapped wealthy individuals and held them in the household basement.

The film explores the deeply unsettling milieu of the Argentinian gangster underworld and the ways in which the violence and intimidation of that world entered the domestic sphere; people were chained up in the basement or the bathroom while the family carried on with an apparently comfortable bourgeois family life, a life governed by the disturbingly intimidating paterfamilias.

Confronting, frequently disturbing, but absolutely riveting, the film pulls no punches, described by the Telegraph as a ‘swaggering, black-hearted true-crime saga worthy of Scorcese.’ View the trailer here.

Our programme for the remainder of 2016 is:

Friday 4 Nov – Notes on Blindness

Sat 12 Nov – Maggie’s Plan

Sat 17th Dec – Sing Street

Sat Jan 7 – Julieta – directed by Pedro Almodóvar

We will screen I, Daniel Blake on Sunday January 15

all at 8pm

plus a Silver Screen @ 10.30am on Wed 9th Nov – Learning to Drive, cert 15 (awaiting confirmation of theatre availability)

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