Thame to Thame Appeal

Thame Cinema is ‘on a summer break’ and will be back on September 20th.

We recently screened The 2nd Exotic Marigold Hotel as a ‘one off’ special screening to raise money to help the village of Thame in Nepal. Thank you to everyone who supported  the event, raising just over £1400.

Thame here in Oxfordshire shares a name with a small Sherpa community in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. Thame in Nepal has been terribly affected by the earthquake that hit Nepal on the 25th April, and the Thame Town Council in the UK met and decided, unanimously and enthusiastically, that we should try to do what we could to help our Nepali namesakes recover.


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We would like to acknowledge the help of Thame Town Council in assisting with our purchase of a new projector.

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