Chasing Ice

This Wednesday 5th June

USA 2012, 74 minutes, 12A certificate
Directed by Joe Orlowski

NB   WEDNESDAY SHOWING for World Environment Day

Chasig IceJeff Orlowski’s multi-award winning documentary begins with complacently smug anti-global-warming clips from Fox News and from the owner of America’s weather channel. It then introduces the persuasive environmentalist James Balog, a celebrated photographer working for National Geographic, who became fascinated with what glaciers can teach us about our changing planet. In 2007 he set up the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), a well-funded project to monitor glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, Montana, the Alps, Canada and Bolivia, and the results – photographed using state-of-the-art time-lapse cameras – are sensational in their beauty, terror and the irrefutable evidence they provide of the rapidity with which age-old ice packs are melting away. It’s like watching our world disappear.

Watch the trailer here

This Wednesday 5th June doors open 7.30, film starts 8pm
Admission £5, licensed bar